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Mental Wellbeing

The most important factor of helping all children to develop positive mental health, is relationships.

At Middleham, we have a caring and supportive culture, where we work as a team with parents, children and other agencies.

We have access to  Parent Support Advisors and Well-Being Workers who work with families and children in need of additional support.

Please speak to us if you feel this would be of benefit to you.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health is an essential aspect of our work in school.

Through our curriculum, we are able to raise issues that may be affecting children and provide opportunities for them to speak up or listen to the ideas of others.

Each term children are taught Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship, based on the school’s PSHE curriculum.  You can view the curriculum used in school on our curriculum links page.


Some times, children  struggle with their feelings and become anxious.